Total Computer Solutions offers I.T. services that keep your business up and running, minimizing threats and unforeseen I.T. costs. Our technicians have real-world experience treating the entirety of your technology problems while providing reliable customer service.

Managed Services

TCS provides numerous services on a contract basis, allowing your I.T. expenses to be predictable from month to month. Our most popular package includes:

  • Monitoring network devices, servers, and computers
  • Travel and labor costs both on-site and in-shop for covered devices
  • Installation of new equipment purchased from TCS
  • Remote support
  • Phone support

Our managed services are completely customized to add additional services such as equipment leasing, firewall and antivirus subscription renewals, and more. One of the main benefits of our managed services is monitoring – we receive alerts and can solve threats to your computers immediately, minimizing business interruptions.

Contract customers are guaranteed priority service over non-contract customers, even on weekends and holidays. With TCS, your business won’t lose time because of disruptive I.T. problems.

Network Design & Troubleshooting

When our customers need new or updated networks, we assess their needs and create a unique network tailored to their uses. TCS has been constructing networks for reliability and close attention to detail since 1987. When necessary, we build redundancy into your network, so if one Internet service provider crashes, another takes over to keep your business operating.

If you ever experience problems with your network, TCS gladly troubleshoots and diligently works to solve the issue.

repairOn-Site & In-Shop Repairs

We repair appliances both on-site and in-shop – whichever is most convenient for your business. Our shop is a professional and clean environment specially designed to reduce the risk of static and other threats, and our technicians consciously minimize disruptions while on site.

When we repair your computer or other appliance, our goal is to fix the entire problem and complete the job correctly. Malfunctioning equipment can be brought to our repair facility anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

laptopRemote Monitoring Services

For customers who want us to monitor their computers, servers, or other smart devices for threats, we check alerts throughout the day and address them in a timely and thorough fashion. We apply and manage updates on a scheduled basis, which keeps your business running uninterrupted. We tell you ahead of time when a server or device needs replacing, preventing you from incurring unplanned I.T. costs.

Remote Off-Site Backup

TCS provides off-site backup for customers who want to secure their data. We ensure backups are running and up to date. You won’t have to worry about losing important information. With off-site backup, if your building is compromised, your data will still be intact and accessible. Our off-site backups meet both HIPAA and SOX requirements.

Email Hosting

If your business needs an email domain, TCS can find one that fits your organization. Even if you already have a domain, we offer various levels of email services including standard email accounts, hosted exchange accounts, email encryption, and other security services.

Server Hosting

Virtual servers minimize the cost of maintaining physical hardware and give you access to the server from anywhere. We host virtual servers for clients who prefer off-site or cloud-based servers.